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    What Time of the Year Should I List My House For Sale?

    Planning to move? This is a time that is full of excitement and fear all at the same time. The excitement of what is to come and fear of the process of selling. Knowing the right time to list is important, because it can help the process go a lot smoother.

    When people start coming to view your house, you want it to be a great experience for them. Taking the extra step to make sure little things are done can only help you. Like paint touch-ups, minor repairs, and even making sure that everything is extra clean. Hey, lighting a candle and having a nice relaxing smell in the home wouldn’t hurt.

    Slow Times of The Year For Selling Your House

    Who knew, there are good and bad times to list your home. One of the less than ideal times of the year to sell is around holidays. Christmas to be one of the highest on the list of the hardest times to sell.

    When you think about the holidays you think of time with Family. Most likely you are thinking of the decorations you use or the family gatherings you’ll have. You are not going to want to be in the middle of moving when these times come. Thanksgiving, Christmas, even Easter are not the ideal times to list your home for sale.

    Best Times of The Year To List Your House

    A lot goes into the process of buying a home. If there are kids involved in the move, people are most likely not going to move during school time. Most will want to wait until school is out or over a long school break.

    April is a good month to list your house for sale, or even June. But, May is probably one of the top listed times of the year to sell a house. School is just about out and won’t mess up the kids’ school year.

    Getting Your House Ready To Sell

    Listing your home to sell is not the only thing you have to do. There are some things that you have to get ready in your home too. Making sure any repairs needed are made and paint touch-ups done too.

    Some people decide to have someone come in and do some deep cleaning. You can do this yourself also, but sometimes it is easier to hire a company to come and clean. They will come in and make sure that every inch is clean as it can be. Having your kitchen in good order is the best thing that you can do.

    A Few Extras While Selling Your House

    Just having your home cleaned and in good order is all you need to do. There are a few extras you can do to make the people seeing your house more interested. Get your carpets clean so they look nice and fresh.

    Taking your pets with you outside of the home while there is a showing is always good too.  Trying to keep any pet odors at a minimum. The other thing is to have the home as clutter-free as possible. Clean as many things out as possible, and have a designated area for the things you need.

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