Expert Tips for Locating Rental Homes in Bandon and Coos Bay Areas, Oregon

During a trip to visit the picturesque town of Bandon, I unexpectedly found myself on a quest to secure a long-term rental home in Bandon, Oregon. This decision marked a significant move from my hometown of Las Vegas to this serene coastal paradise. However, my journey to find the perfect rental home turned out to be quite an adventure.

I soon realized that there was no single website that consolidated all the available rental listings in the area. Rental homes were scattered across the towns, making it feel like a scavenger hunt. I spent my days calling property managers, jotting down addresses on the dashboard of my car, and navigating the neighborhoods in search of real estate signs that read "FOR RENT."

Fast forward to today, and I find myself managing rental properties in the very same area. My experiences have given me a deep sense of empathy for those in search of Oregon coastal home rentals, especially those with beloved pets facing the challenge of finding a pet-friendly property. I'm also here to assist those seeking houses for rent in a variety of areas, including Bandon, Port Orford, Coquille, Coos Bay, Myrtle Point, and North Bend.

If you're embarking on your journey to find a rental home in any of these wonderful coastal towns, here are a few tips to make your search a little easier:

  1. Regularly check the Oregon Coast Craigslist under "Apartments/Housing For Rent." While it displays the entire Oregon Coast, you can narrow down your search by typing the specific town you're interested in.

  2. Keep in mind that property managers often have restrictions on the number and breeds of pets they allow due to insurance regulations. If you have multiple pets or can't find a property manager that accepts your pet, consider looking for 'by owner' rentals. Having a photo of your pets to show the owner or property manager during viewings can be helpful.

  3. Explore local newspapers for rental ads, such as Bandon's Coffee Break or The World newspaper in Coos Bay, South Coast Shopper, and publications covering Port Orford, Coquille, Myrtle Point, and North Bend.

  4. Utilize Facebook Marketplace and other relevant groups in the area. Many individuals and property owners post rental listings there as well.
  5. Don't hesitate to contact local Property Managers and check their websites. Sometimes, they might have a rental home that hasn't been posted on their website yet. Below is a list of local property managers along with links to their rental websites, covering the various areas:  

    Beach Loop Realty 541-347-1800
    Exclusive Property Management  541-347-3790
    Advanced Property Management 541-269-7210
    EL Edwards Realty II Inc 541-756-1486
    Grand Management 541-269-5561
    Pacific Properties 541-756-7368
    Prestige Property Management Inc 541-751-9415
    Oregon West Management LLC 541-269-1912
    Oregon Bay Properties LLC 541-808-9040

  6. Patience is key. Give yourself ample time to find the right rental home, ideally a few months.
  7. While driving through neighborhoods, keep an eye out for "FOR RENT" signs in yards. Sometimes, 'by owners' choose to advertise their properties this way.
  8. Be prepared to complete rental applications with references, including dates, names, and phone numbers of your previous landlords. Carry your photo ID, recent paystubs, or proof of income or savings. Additionally, have your checkbook or cash on hand to cover any application fees or holding deposits when you discover your ideal rental home.
  9. Be cautious of rental scams. Avoid making inquiries to ads that do not provide a phone number. If you receive a response from a private party claiming to be an owner who is out of the country and requesting applications with deposit money sent by mail, do not proceed.
  10. Lastly, always treat any rented home as if it were your own. Maintaining good rental references will make your search for future rental homes much smoother!

Best of luck with your search for the perfect rental home in these beautiful coastal regions of Oregon!


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