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    Five Smart Reasons to Invest in Bandon Oregon Real Estate

    Bandon, Oregon is the type of town that easily graces the cover of a travel magazine. It stands ready to provide you with rest, adventure, and so much more as your vacation destination. As you spend more time here, you start to feel as if this picture perfect destination needs to become your new home. There is an excellent reason you are feeling this way upon spending time in this charming, historic town. Consider five smart reasons to invest in Bandon Oregon real estate and make this town your home.

    Coquille River Lighthouse near Bandon Oregon
    Coquille River Lighthouse near Bandon Oregon

    1. Thriving Economy

    Its coastal community location makes Bandon a top travel destination for visitors around the globe. Upon arrival, these visitors are greeted with 15 miles of protected wildlife preservation coastline that includes flawless beaches perfect for relaxing in the sun or walking the shoreline taking in some of the best sights nature has to offer. This scenic backdrop makes tourism the central figure of Bandon’s thriving economy. Visitors to the area enjoy shopping, lodging and dining amenities in the vibrant area known as the old town merchants. Outdoor amenities such as fishing charters and golf course developments provide additional revenue to the city economy as well.

    Agriculture is another industry that provides a substantial contribution to Bandon’s economy each year. A notable aspect of this industry is cranberries. Bandon holds the unofficial title of being the cranberry capital of Oregon. Thousands of visitors join residents every September in celebration of the town’s cranberry festival, bringing additional revenue into the city.

    2. Health Care System

    Livability states that 78% of Bandon residents maintain an active lifestyle. With nature’s playground as your backyard, your real estate investment will allow you have an equally healthy lifestyle as well. Cold temperatures are a rarity in this town which will make it hard for you to stay indoors.

    Bandon also has health care facilities for residents and visitors who need them. Southern Coos Hospital and Health Center is a critical access hospital that offers a four department emergency room service in addition to services in surgery, x-rays, rehabilitation and respiratory treatments. An out-patient center is also available for primary medical services such as annual check-ups and minor treatments.

    3. City Profile

    The natural beauty of Bandon comes with excellent climate features that produce on average winter temperatures of 50 degrees and summer temperatures of 66 degrees. This coastal community offers a population of fewer than 5,000 residents. A more accurate portrayal of population figures sees an average of 3,000 residents calling Bandon home each year.

    The median home sale price is reasonable with comparatively low property tax rates. There is an absence of sales tax throughout the city, which means more money in your pocket with a real estate investment made here. Your investment will also provide a full-service ambulance, police and fire department staff in the event of an emergency or other situation. The government is as simple as its coastal lifestyle surroundings as city council consists of only a mayor and six council members.

    4. Hospitality

    Bandon offers small town living at its finest. Life here moves at a slower pace giving people the opportunity to spend time connecting and making new friends. Bandon residents often offer a warm welcome upon your arrival and are ready to help you get to know the city better. Residents are also known to be helpful in difficult situations.

    This hospitality extends to tourists that come to stay for awhile. Residents make these individuals feel as if they are at a home away from home. Visitors appreciate the friendliness as they enjoy spending time at the restaurants, shops, and amenities that Bandon has to offer. This generation of revenue throughout the year translates into your real estate investment being a profitable decision.

    5. Amenities

    Making the decision to call Bandon home never means having a lack of activities you can participate in on any given day. Your real estate investment will put adventures at your fingertips with natural surroundings that lend itself to scenic bike rides, stunning sunset walks, opportunities to go blueberry and blackberry picking, and other pleasurable activities.

    This area boasts the unofficial title as Oregon’s Golf Coast with its five world premier golf courses available for play any day you would like. Its pristine beaches offer the chance to try surfing while the coastal waters are ideal for fishing or crabbing expeditions. You can easily see how Bandon is a small community with the possibility of providing a big financial impact on a smart real estate investment in the area.

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