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    5 Top Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent Before You Hire Them

    Selling your home is a stressful task and having the right real estate agent on your side can make or break you. Beach Loop Realty is here for you every step of the way. Here are five top questions we think you should ask your real estate agent before you hire them.

    1. What Fees Are Associated With Using Your Services?

    Real estate agents earn wages through the commission of the sale of your house. This commission will vary but it is around five or six percent. Even if you get a good feel for a realtor it is a good idea to still call around to make sure their rate is competitive for your area. 

    2. How Many People Have You Helped?

    Asking this question helps to pinpoint how effective they are as an agent. You can have an agent who has been in business for twenty years and has only helped ten clients, whereas you can have had a realtor in the business for two years and has helped ten clients. 

    3. How Will My Home Be Marketed?

    This is an important question to ask because you really want your agent to go beyond just listing your home on an MLS. Of course, they will also put it out there and schedule an open house for people to come to look at but there are additional ways to market your home. If you have something that is unique or stands out about your home than the realtor needs to know exactly how to make that stand out.

    Opportunities are lost when the agent is not aware of the ins and outs of marketing. Let’s say your house is one of three homes in your neighborhood with an acre of land, that is something that needs special attention and marketing strategies. Understanding these strategies will help to sell your home much faster.

    4. Do You Stage The Homes You Sell?

    Staged homes tend to look more appealing to buyers but finding someone to stage your home can cost at a minimum $2,000 a month! This is obviously out of reach for many, even if you are on a higher income bracket. Some realtors will actually offer this service for free and have all the supplies needed to make this happen for your home.

    Staging a home can mean the difference of months when selling your home. If you find an agent that offers this it will help you out significantly. If house staging isn’t a priority then, by all means, hire an agent you simply feel comfortable with.

    5. What If I Am Not Pleased With Your Service?

    As much as we hope this won’t happen it is a possibility and talking about it from the beginning will at least help to ease any fears of being stuck in a contract. You should not be forced to work with a realtor that is not working well with you and there are many reasons this happens. If there is a possible way to fix the problem speak with your realtor about it and give them a chance to make it right.

    If the problem is unresolvable than speak with your agent and move on. Make sure that your agent is willing to communicate with you openly and honestly so you feel safe through the process. Buying and selling homes are very emotional experiences that need special care and even better communication.

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