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    Port Orford, OR Real Estate Agency

    Port OrfordHave you been craving that small town community? When you are ready to make the move to Port Orford, our team here at Beach Loop Realty is ready to serve you. We can find you that beautiful, coastal home you have been dreaming of.

    We Will Find You What You are Looking for

    Imagine drinking your coffee every day while staring out into the vast ocean. Or, watching seabirds fight over crabs on the shoreline while you meet with clients. If you are wanting a home or an office with a beautiful view, our team can find you exactly what you are looking for.

    It doesn’t matter what you need, we can help you with:

    • Purchasing a new home
    • Selling your current home
    • Finding a great rental home or office
    • Managing your rental property

    We have a great team of agents dedicated to serving you!

    Serving Our Beautiful Town in Port Orford

    Port Orford is a quaint little town on the Southern Oregon coast. It is the type of community where everyone knows everyone and you can’t go out for a quick trip to the store without budgeting a few minutes of time to chat with friends. It was once known for its production of the grand Port Orford cedar but has since become a fishing town.

    In fact, the city is the top producer of live fish for all of the state. The city is also home to many artists and is known for its 8 galleries that are owned and operated by local artists. For more information about the area or local industries, check out the Chamber of Commerce.

    Beach Loop Realty is also proud to serve new and long-time residents of all the surrounding communities!

    Let Us Help You Make the Move

    For all of your real estate needs in Port Orford, give our team at Beach Loop Realty a call! We want to help make your dream home become a reality.